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Characteristics of the Ring Lights

Ring Lights

The main function of the ring light is to decrease the shadow and focus the brightness more precisely.

Thanks to this ability to evenly distribute the lighting, the ring lights are ideal for taking close-up shots or achieving the same effect as in a professional makeup room.

  • Highlight the details: Ring lights emphasize details and hide shadows through their inherent circular design. Soft lighting hides blemishes and wrinkles, making it perfect for selfies or makeup sessions.
  • Video recording: Being such a balanced light produces a halo around the person and highlights the characteristics, giving a professional and cinematic look to the shot. All YouTubers usually use ring lights because they are inexpensive and improve the quality of their recordings.
  • Macro photography: The ring light allows us to get closer to macro photography. You can use a ring of light to record and take pictures, getting a better front focus and accurately capturing every detail, no matter how small.
  • Color effects: The bulbs or LEDs inside a Liz ring can be changed for other colored ones to generate different effects. Especially useful features for cinematography and professional photography.

What to know before buying a light ring?

Consider the most important characteristics before buying a ring of light. Imagine that you have wanted one of these pieces of equipment for a long time and that you hope to obtain the best results with it.

However, you are disappointed because you choose the less suitable model for the purpose you want to give it. For this reason, we have prepared a series of criteria that will help you choose the best light ring with or without a tripod.

We will teach you what to evaluate to feel completely satisfied with your new LED ring. It does not matter if you use it for photography, YouTube or TikTok videos, makeup, or simply as decoration; you have to consider the following aspects:

Temperature settings

The temperature, beyond the heat as such, what it does is change the tonality of the light generated by the device. A temperature between 2800K and 3500K emits a warm light, 3500K to 4500K generates neutral light, and more than 5000K produces cold light.

Some rings have default temperature settings, while others allow you to change the levels to your liking. Therefore, it is best to acquire a ring that allows you to modify its tonality.

Light type

In harmony with the previous point, we recommend you choose the type of light depending on the use of the ring since each of them has been designed to perform specific functions.

On the one hand, the warm light is more relaxing and perfect for taking beautiful photos, taking portraits, or recording a motivating video. On the other hand, cold light is much more electric and captures details better, making it perfect for makeup.

Another very interesting option is to acquire an RGB ring, a lighting system that is very fashionable and that gives a great look to the room.

Finally, it should be mentioned that most of the light rings for TikTok and photographs come with this setting by default, but it never hurts to make sure what type of light it is capable of emitting.

Size and diameter

Technically speaking, there are only two sizes of light rings: large and small. Again, the ideal dimensions depend on how you are going to put your lighting equipment.

For example, a 26cm or 10-inch diameter LED ring is best suited for large and wide venues because it brightens the entire surrounding environment, casts shadows, and captures detail better.

However, if you need a smaller model, you can also get a ring of light for a cell phone or mobile, whose dimensions range from 10 to 14 inches.


The accessories are not as essential as the previous aspects, but they do represent an excellent opportunity to extend the usefulness of this lighting system.

To give you an idea, a tripod ring light is much easier to use and allows you to place it where you need it, so you always get consistent results.

On the other hand, it is also convenient to include remote control, especially if the chosen model allows you to change the temperature or the color of the light. Likewise, it can integrate support for mobiles, interchangeable rings, switches, among others.


Where do you sell light rings?

You can currently buy light rings both in physical stores and online stores.

We recommend buying a ring of light by Hafeez Center since they have a larger catalog and the customer service is impeccable.

What is a ring of light?

It is a circular light usually placed around the lens of a camera to shoot through it.

Ring lights provide illumination with very little shadow since the light source is very close to the lens’s optical axis.

Are light rings good for selfies?

Several models were specifically designed for taking selfies and close-up photos.

The fourth of our best light rings is cheap and perfect for taking self-photos.

How to use a ring light?

Instructions in Spanish are provided on most products to mount the ring light easily. They are very simple to use and do not usually have many parts.

How long does the battery life of an LED ring light last?

The autonomy depends on the specific model and the capacity of the battery. Some last only 20 minutes, while others are set to light up for a couple of hours.

In contrast, you can also run into cheap light rings that have no battery and must be connected directly to the current.

What size ring light is better?

The purpose of the chosen equipment establishes the appropriate dimensions. A large light ring is best for TikTok videos, group photos, and capturing details. On the other hand, if you are only going to use it to take selfies with your mobile or put on makeup, a small one is more than enough.

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