USB Flash Drive: Which is the best for 2022?

USB Flash Drives

Welcome to Hafeez Center, today we will talk about what you should know about USB drives and what is the best equipment you can get on the market. USB drives are devices that allow us to save information and transport it everywhere, quickly and safely, from the comfort of our pocket.

In a world where the management of information and data is vital, USB memory drives have become a very practical and useful device for us. The freedom offered by these computers to transport and share files, photos, videos, music, among others, we did not have with the old computer floppy disks or CD’s.

That is why at Hafeez Center Lahore we are interested in giving you all the necessary information so that you can select the USB drives that best suit your budget and, especially, your needs. We will go beyond the technical details to show you all the elements to take into account so that you can choose the best USB memory for you.

First the most important

  • USB drives are portable storage devices that work by using flash memory to store data and information. The acronym USB is the abbreviation of the term “Universal Serial Bus”. Because they are portable, small, and sturdy, they have become the go-to devices for carrying information.
  • Different versions of USB devices largely define their speed and capacity. So far there are USB sticks 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1, which vary considerably between them. It is exciting to think that it is a list that is open to new innovations.
  • Buying a USB memory is not about choosing only the best price, but there are also several aspects that you should consider. Storage capacity, speed, and brand are things you should always keep in mind.

Ranking: The 4 best USB Drives

The variety of USB sticks on the market is overwhelming. To help you have a clear picture we have listed here the 4 best USB drives available on the market. Take a look and secure your purchase.

DataTraveler Exodia 128GB USB 3.2 Flash Drive DTX/128GB

DataTraveler Exodia 128GB USB 3.2 Flash Drive is one of the fastest devices on the market today. This USB memory has USB 3.2 technology that allows a transfer speed of up to 400MB/s and 250MB/s of writing. DataTraveler Exodia 128GB USB 3.2 Flash Drive comes in 3 formats: 128, 256 and 512 GB.

The design of the Patriot Supersonic Rage 2 incorporates a retractable silikon cover that covers the entire USB memory. This feature protects it from drops, bumps, liquid spills, and the daily abuse that these devices can receive.

Kingston DataTraveler 50 USB 3.1/3.0/2.0 16GB

Kingston’s DataTraveler 50 USB Flash Drive also features USB 3.0 (3.1 GEN 1) technology that enables fast, easy, and secure storage and transfer of documents, files, music, and video. Being a USB 3.0 (3.1 GEN) device, it has speeds of 150MB/s reading and 700MB/s writing.

Its retractable design protects it against bumps and drops, ensuring that information is always safe. Kingston’s USB stick has several presentations with capacities ranging from 16 to 256 GB.

SanDisk Ultra Flair 32gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive

SanDisk Ultra Flair 32gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive is another USB memory that incorporates USB 3.0 (3.1 GEN 1) technology. With which, it also provides excellent performance in its writing and reading speeds. This device can reach up to 150MB/s in writing speed and 200MB/s in reading.

SanDisk Ultra Flair 32gb USB 3.0 Flash Drive has two very useful benefits for the user. The first is the Sandisk SecureAccess software that allows us to protect the privacy of our files under 128-bit AES encryption. The second is that, when you buy it, it gives us the possibility to download the Rescuepro Deluxe program.

Samsung USB 16GB 3.0 Flash Drive

The Samsung USB 16GB 3.0 Flash Drive features a thin vertical stripe design along with a retractable mechanism to protect the USB connector. It has the USB 3.0 (3.1 GEN 1) system that gives the user high speed, both writing and reading, and comes with capacities from 16 to 256 GB.


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