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How to Choose the Best Headphones?

If music is your thing, you have to pay attention to the sound quality of what you listen to but also to the health of your ear.

Our analysis has shown that the headphones that are given away with the usual players and mobile phones are quite mediocre. We give you the keys to get good quality ones, at the best price.

Types of headphones: a lot of variety to choose from

They are a good way to listen while isolating yourself from outside noise and without disturbing those around you.

Cordless models: Thanks to the ease of movement they allow, are outselling corded models.

These wireless models connect to the audio player (for example, the mobile) through wireless technologies such as Bluetooth.

Some models have noise cancellation and allow calls, others even store songs.

The use you are going to give them will be a determining factor when making the right choice. 

Let’s see what models you can choose from.



  • Its size is similar to those of buttons but they get to be introduced in the ear canal.
  • Its rubber adapters (caps) isolate enough from outside noise and allow a better hold on the ear.

Within the in-ears, there are two very popular subtypes:

True Wireless Models

  • They are advertised as 100% wireless handsfree because they don’t use any type of cable, not even between the right and left earphones.
  • Its battery life is usually less than the other headphones.

Sports Models

Resistant to sweat and weather conditions. Its ergonomics improve support and comfort, and

facilitate freedom of movement: some are cordless (True Wireless).

Others are linked by a cable where the Bluetooth receiver and controls are integrated. Some are attached to the ear with a rubber accessory that serves as a brake. Others are linked together with a cord and can be hung around the neck when not in use.



  • They are the most popular due to their low price and their small size.
  • They are placed inside the ear but without touching the ear canal.
  • They do not isolate themselves from outside noise.

Over-ear or open

Logitech PRO X Gaming Headset with BLUE VO!CE 981-000818-3

  • They are placed over the ear and their cushions allow a good fit, but they do not completely isolate outside noise.
  • They are light and very easy to carry.

Circumaural or closed

  • They have large pads that completely surround the ear.
  • They achieve better sound insulation.
  • Due to their weight and size, they can be somewhat uncomfortable.

Bone conduction

They are not placed on the ears, but on the cheekbones, and the vibrations propagate through the skull to the inner ear.

It allows hearing in people with damaged eardrums and allows us to perceive ambient noise

while listening to music, an aspect of great help for athletes in urban environments. They are somewhat more expensive.

What You Should Pay Attention to Before Buying?

When you go to choose headphones, there are a number of aspects that you should not lose sight of.

Sound quality: We recommend that you consult the analysis of headphones that OCU carries out and choose one of the ones that you get a good grade in this section.

Comfort: No matter how attractive they are, they are worth nothing if they are uncomfortable.

Try them on before you buy: they should be lightweight, not dangling on your head and not too tight, especially if you wear glasses.

If they are in-ear, the cushion has to fit perfectly in the ear (many have up to three different sizes of cushions).

If they are circumaural, check that they completely cover your ear. 

Cable: Virtue is in the middle ground. It should be long enough not to pull on your ears but not so long that it gets tangled up in your clothes.

If it is removable you will be safe from breakage in case of pulls.

If it is extensible you can adjust its length.

Currently, the wireless type, which is paired with the mobile phone via Bluetooth, are very fashionable.

Usability: It is good that they are easy to clean, that they do not break when putting them in the backpack and that they have a bag to store them. In addition, it is important that the controls on the headset are located and sized so that they can be easily manipulated, especially when changing the battery.

Battery: Some models with noise cancellation require batteries to use this functionality. They can be small AAA alkaline batteries (they usually work with a single battery, although some models may need two) or specific batteries that will come with their own charger

and in some cases even a spare battery.

Noise Cancellation: use a technique that eliminates disturbing noise from the environment.

This is done through a microphone (integrated into the headphones or in the cable) that picks up external noise and generates an inverse signal that partially cancels it out. 

Although outside of our analysis, some models on the market incorporate the opposite. Functionality: they record and reproduce the ambient sound so that the user is not isolated from the outside with the consequent risks and can hear, for example, an alert signal.

Option to deactivate noise cancellation:  It is very important since this function can create a “bubble” effect that prevents us from hearing a warning or alarm signal.

If you are going to use them to run in traffic environments, you have to be sure that you can disable noise cancellation.

Case: Some models come with a case to store them, which is especially relevant in the case of wireless headphones, as it serves as a charger for the headphones.

This makes it possible not to need a plug nearby when the battery starts to run out. The case must be charged separately from a power outlet.

When you have decided, do not forget to look for the best price on the list of Hafeez Center.

Headphone FAQs

What are the best headphones for sports?

The most suitable models for sports practice are characterized by a greater fixing capacity against sudden movements and greater resistance to perspiration. The fixation is achieved either with a ring or flange that surrounds the ear or with pads that adapt completely to the ear canal.

What are the headphones with the best sound quality?

It is often believed that the supra- and circumaural types have better sound quality than the in-ears, but because the latter are smaller, they do not have to be of worse quality. If they are well adapted to the ear, they can provide isolation and good sound quality. The decision will depend on personal taste and how much we want to spend.

What are True Wireless earphones?

They are a subtype of intraural headphones that are characterized by not using any type of cable. They are light, small in size, are inserted into the ear canal and are “100% wireless”.

In them, there is no physical connection between the right and left earphones. Some of them are designed for sports and have special ergonomics to improve support and comfort.


We know that the search for the perfect headphones is an arduous task. The range of brands (Sony, Blue Spectrum, Samsung, Sennheiser, JBL…) and types (True Wireless button, over-ear, in-ear, etc.) is very wide. In our buying guide, you have all the aspects to look at to get it right. And once you have it clear, visit our comparator where you will find the best models at the cheapest price in the best valued online stores.

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