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External HDD and SSD Hard Drives in Pakistan

Has your computer run out of space? Do you need a hard drive to carry from one place to another with all the documents you want? At Hafeez Center Lahore we have a wide catalog where you can choose external hard drives with different levels of storage capacity and price, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. You can choose from the best brands like  Samsung, Sandisk, Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend, and many more. Choose the capacity you need in the filters on the left and keep one.

Factors to consider before buying an external hard drive

Before buying an external hard drive, you should think about several things. The first is the type of device you need, whether a traditional disk or an SSD. Nor can you forget about its capacity, connectivity, ports, RPM, and size.

We will start with the decision to determine the rest of them, which is none other than the type of device we want, a hard drive or an SSD. The differences between the two are more than evident; each has its advantages and disadvantages, which we detail below.

External Drives Price in Lahore, Pakistan

A hard disk or HD (Hard Drive), magnetic disk, or mechanical disk is cheaper in terms of price or capacity, but they are more fragile and slower than an SSD.

SSDs or solid-state drives are much faster and consume less. On the other hand, its price/capacity ratio is higher.

Taking these issues into account, we can draw the following conclusions. If you want to buy for storage, it is best to opt for a traditional one, while if it is to have an efficient work tool with which to have your applications quickly and efficiently, you should choose an SSD.

Are there external SSD hard drives?

As you may have already guessed by reading the previous lines, the answer is yes.

The evolution of technology makes it possible for us to use solid-state drives like external hard drives with truly amazing results.

Until a couple of years ago, the connection interface of an external hard drive could not satisfy the high bandwidth of an SSD, which is why the jump has taken time to occur and has kept HDs as the only possible options for some years, if not we wanted to be wasting the virtues of our device.

The arrival of USB 3.0 and 3.1 was a revolution, reaching theoretical speeds of up to 10Gbps per second. For 2022 there may be great news in this regard. Some brands are already working on Thunderbolt connectivity, which would achieve speeds of up to 40 Gbps.

Why is USB 3.0 important in an external drive?

Until the new connections arrive, the most recommended ports are 3.0 and 3.1. The read and write speed of a hard drive is, as its name suggests, the capacity, measured in MB/s, to store or access data. This is an important feature if we regularly copy or transfer files.

2.0 connections have a maximum speed of 60MB/s, while hard drives can offer several times that speed. With the arrival of USB 3.0, this speed was increased to 640MB/s, a speed very close to the 768MB we have on an internal drive connected via SATA 3.

When Thunderbolt becomes standard as a connection port on laptops, hard drive enclosures will adopt it as their new standard. As an external drive, SSDs with this type of connectivity will reach up to 1,500 MB/s reading and 1,000 MB/s writing.

The benefits of an external hard drive

Many people wonder which is the best external hard drive, and the answer is straightforward: The one that best suits your budget according to price and needs due to its capacity and the specifications of its casing.

The versatility of a case for the hard drive is enough to recommend its purchase. It is simple, fast, and secure. In addition, there are many cases that are used to connect the device to any computer, PC, MAC, or television.

With the introduction of SSDs in the market, brands have had to respond to users’ needs and have created an external SSD drive. Due to this irruption, many boxes adapted to the specifications and measurements of SSDs have been launched on the market.

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