When it comes to online shopping in Pakistan, HafeezCenterLhr.com prides itself on providing you with a clear and transparent shipping policy.


Unless specified on the Product Detail Page, HafeezCenterLhr.com offers its online shoppers the convenience of shipping. Where shipping charges are applicable, such as when we use our reliable courier service, we will clearly inform you before you finalize your purchase.

hafeezcenterlhr provide two types of shipping.


1: Same-Day delivery

2: Normal Delivery 

1:- Same-Day Delivery:

Cash on delivery throughout Lahore. Same-day delivery charges of 500

2:- Normal Delivery:

Deliver products maximum of 3 working days through TCS and SWIFT. Flat charges 300

Shipping Invoice

HafeezCenterLhr.com  provides a detailed shipping invoice with each order you place, quantities, and shipping charges (where applicable). If you would like further clarification about HafeezCenterLhr.com payment options, feel free to contact us on


Email us at info@hafeezcenterlhr.com