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USB and Memory Cards

USB and memory cards are essential storage devices for a variety of electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and laptops. They offer a convenient and portable way to store and transfer data. Whether you need to transfer important documents, store multimedia files, or expand your device’s storage capacity, the right USB drive or memory card can make a significant difference.


In this category, you will find a wide selection of USB and memory cards from the top brands. Explore this category to find the perfect flash drive or memory card that suits your requirements and ensures your data is always within reach.

USB and Memory Cards Price in Pakistan

USB and memory card prices in Pakistan vary depending on the type of device, its storage capacity, and its brand. Today, we rely heavily on portable storage solutions like USB drives and memory cards to keep our data within arm’s reach. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your device’s storage capacity or ensure safe data transfer, finding the best memory cards or USB drives at the best prices is crucial.


At the Hafeez Center online store, we understand the importance of affordable yet high-quality storage options. Our selection of the best USB drives and cheap SD cards offers an array of choices to fit your budget and storage requirements. Explore our collection to discover the best prices on these essential storage accessories that make managing your data seamless and cost-effective. With competitive prices, you can equip yourself with the storage solutions you need without breaking the bank.

USB Flash Drives

When it comes to USB flash drives, a variety of reputable brands offer reliable storage solutions. At Hafeez Center, we stock USB drives from well-known brands like HP and Kingston. Additionally, these drives come in various storage capacities, allowing you to choose the one that suits your specific needs. Whether you require a compact 16GB drive for essential files or a capacious 1TB drive for extensive data storage, our selection offers a range of options to accommodate your requirements.

USB Flash Drive

However, different USB types like Type-A, Type-B, and Type-C connectors are widely available in Pakistan. You can find the best USB flash drive with a connector that matches your devices for seamless connectivity. Furthermore, USB comes with different speed ratings that impact data transfer rates. If you need to transfer large files quickly, consider USB 3.0 or 3.1 drives known for their high-speed performance. For everyday use, USB 2.0 drives are more cost-effective while offering adequate data transfer capabilities.

Memory Cards

Memory cards are also available in various formats, including SD (Secure Digital), microSD, CompactFlash, and more. The choice of memory card type depends on your specific device and its memory card slot. For example, microSD cards are commonly used in mobile phones, while digital cameras often rely on SD or CompactFlash cards.

Memory Cards

Moreover, memory cards come in an array of storage capacities to meet diverse requirements. You can opt for a 32GB memory card for everyday use or go for higher capacities like 1TB to store extensive data such as high-resolution photos and videos. Additionally, the speed class of a memory card determines its data transfer rates. It is particularly crucial for applications that require fast data write and read speeds, like capturing high-definition video. Whether you need a high-speed card for 4K video recording or a standard card for music and documents, we offer a diverse range of the best memory cards in Pakistan to meet your needs.

Popular Brands of USB and Memory Cards

Here are some of the most popular brands of USB flash drives and memory cards in Pakistan:

  • HP USB – HP, a globally recognized brand, offers a range of USB flash drives known for their quality and performance. These drives come in various storage capacities, ensuring you can find the right one to suit your needs. Whether you require a compact USB for daily use or a capacious one, HP provides dependable options.
  • Kingston USB and Memory Cards – Kingston is another trusted name in the world of storage devices. Their USB drives and memory cards are known for their reliability and durability. However, Kingston’s products come in different types, allowing you to choose the perfect option for your specific requirements.
  • Micro USB and Memory Cards – Additionally, Micro is a brand that specializes in providing compact and versatile USB drives and memory cards. These storage solutions are particularly popular for use with smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices. With Micro, you can expect efficient and cost-effective storage solutions.
  • Samsung USB – Samsung, a household name in the tech industry, offers a diverse range of USB drives. These drives feature various USB types and storage capacities, catering to a wide array of user preferences.
  • Sandisk USB and Memory Cards – Moreover, Sandisk is also a well-established brand in the world of storage media. They provide USB drives and memory cards with varying capacities and speed classes. Sandisk’s products are known for their robustness, making them suitable for everyday data storage needs.

These brands are renowned for their commitment to quality, making them popular choices among users seeking dependable and efficient storage solutions. At Hafeez Center, you can explore products from these trusted brands to find the USB drives and memory cards that meet your needs.

Why Shop from Hafeez Center for USB and Memory Cards?

Choosing the best place to purchase your USB drives and memory cards is crucial to ensuring you receive top-notch products with reliable performance. Hafeez Center stands out as the perfect destination for these storage solutions due to several compelling reasons:

  • Wide Selection – Hafeez Center offers an extensive range of USB drives and memory cards, featuring many different brands and types. Whether you’re looking for a specific storage capacity or type, our collection allows you to explore multiple options and select the one that best matches your requirements.
  • Quality Assurance – We prioritize quality and only provide USB and memory cards from well-known, trusted brands. However, our commitment to quality assurance ensures that you receive genuine products that are durable and high-performing.
  • Competitive Prices – Additionally, Hafeez Center is committed to providing cheap prices in Pakistan for USB drives and memory cards. We understand the importance of affordability, and our pricing structure allows you to acquire reliable storage solutions without breaking the bank.
  • Expert Guidance – Furthermore, our team of knowledgeable experts is available to assist you in choosing the best USB and memory cards for your specific needs. Whether you’re unsure about the type or capacity, our experts can provide guidance and recommendations to make your decision easier.

When shopping for USB and memory cards, make the Hafeez Center online store your preferred choice. Experience the convenience of a wide selection, competitive prices, expert guidance, and reliable quality assurance, all in one place. Shop with confidence, knowing that you are making the right choice for your storage needs.

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