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About Blue Spectrum R-2

♫【Widely Compatible】: Blue spectrum r 2 earphones are made of a universal Type C connector, which can be compatible with most USB Type C devices, such as Samsung Note 10, Xiaomi Mix 2/ 2s/ 8/ Note3, Huawei Mate 10, etc.

♫【HD Stereo Sound】:Blue Spectrum type c earphones are equipped with intelligent digital decoding chips, which can restore the clear essence of sound, ensure high-fidelity music, let you enjoy the happiness brought by calls and music.

♫【Easy to Operate】Built-in microphone transmits high clarity voice for a smooth conversation. Through 3 clear buttons, it is easy to perform, adjust volume/songs and answer/reject calls, etc.

♫【Comfort and Stability】:The ergonomic design make the earphones more comfortable to wear and not easy to fall off, and it is easy to wear for a long time, making you relaxed and happy all day.

♫【Fashion Appearance】The metal casing provides a distinctive texture. Ultra-light and 1.2 meter cable is convenient in sports and is not restricted by distance.

Blue Spectrum Type C R2 Handsfree Features:

Product Name Blue Spectrum R-2
Type In-ear
Control Type Wired Control
Compatible Only can compatible with type-c port
Plug Type Type-C
Length 120cm
Design Simple and Stylish Appearance
Noise Isolation Yes
Extra Features
Ergonomic Ear Cap Design
Durable Cord
With remote and mic
Premium Quality
High-Quality Sound
Voice Reminder


Some of the latest smartphone models have chosen to remove the 3.5mm jack, so the only option is to use handsfree with a USB Type-C or Lightning connector. With this type of connection, the power for the headphones or handsfree comes from the smartphone’s battery, which can affect their battery.

Deciding on hands-free with this type of connector for smartphones is a great idea, even if your phone has a 3.5mm jack. Still, it is not particularly well equipped at the hardware level for music playback since integrating an outside DAC will probably give you better sound quality.

If you want to use USB type C handsfree to listen to music from a source other than your smartphones, such as a stereo or speaker, you have to make sure you choose the convenient connection so that the audio quality does not suffer.

What to Consider When Selecting USB Type-C Handsfree?

Before obtaining USB type C headphones, it is not only convenient to consider the way or the type of connector. Components such as weight, size, water resistance or the materials that have been used are essential to choosing the right USB type C headset for each type of user.

Regardless of the type of headphones you choose, the weight will be a primary aspect when selecting them, as it will not only influence when you have to carry them all day, but heavier headphones will be much more likely to fall off or show some fatigue when using them over long sessions.

Try on USB Type-C handsfree ones before buying them whenever you have the chance. No particular song proves that some headphones sound better than others. It’s best to test them against the genre of music you frequently listen to and choose the ones that feel most natural to you.

Comfort will be a key aspect of the employment experience. Too hard pads can cause many conditions around the ear or in the ear.

If the USB type C handsfree earpads are made of leather or similar material, they will insulate better, but they will also sweat less.

Comfort should also be a decisive aspect when choosing a USB type C headset to listen to music from your smartphone. In certain models, it is important to have different sizes and shapes of ear cushions and ear hooks to find the best possible fit for the inside of the ear.

Technical Characteristics of USB Type C Handsfree

Naturally, at a technical level, not all Type-C earphones are the same, and with an easy look at their technical information, you can already get an idea of ​​the benefits it gives you.


The impedance in c type handsfree belongs to the specialist term you will find in the information and is measured in ohms (Ω).

Impedance is a value that indicates the resistance to the flow of electric current. The lower value indicates that the USB type C handsfree offer less resistance to the flow of current, so they require less energy to vibrate and, consequently, they will sound with a higher volume.

Sensitivity in USB Type-C Headsets

Man can only perceive sounds in a specific frequency range between 20 Hz and 20 kHz (20,000 Hz). The more extensive this range of frequencies, the greater range of sound nuances they will reproduce, offering better quality.

Not every single USB Type-C headset can reproduce the full range of frequencies, which is why certain headsets cut out at much lower frequencies. On the other hand, other headphones still manage to produce a greater range of frequencies, something that will not be much more than technical perseverance since you will hardly be able to see frequencies above or below that threshold.

Thanks to the warnings in this guide to obtain USB type C hands-free, you will be able to discard the models that do not suit your needs, and the massive list of free models you had at the beginning will be significantly reduced, leaving only a few.

Handsfree Price

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