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Design Philosophy

“G5BT,a fashion e-sports headset that defines the futuristic trend as you want: H+ sound effect enhances the gaming sense. Metal beam gives the sense of future machinery. Cyber RGB light effect echoes the neon light in dark. Hi-Res lossless sound relives the genuine scene. The futuristic esports trend begins with G5BT!”

45ms Super Fast Transmission

No delay, 45ms latency fast like flash! Equipped with PixArt flagship low-latency mobile game chip, 45ms (±5ms) low latency technology, offering gamers an experience as wired

40mm Powerful Titanium Driver Unit Hear Every Detail

25 years of tuning experience, 40mm titanium driver unit, more dynamic bass. With Hi-Res sound quality and H+ sound effects, you can hear footsteps, gunshots, and wind clearly, like the sixth sense of yours.

Hi-Res Certified Sound Quality A Live Experience of Game and Music

Top-notch audio technology, Hi-Res certified, 24bits/96KHZ high resolution, near to the original studio sound. Excellent sound relives more details. Enjoy the live gaming/music in your home. * The data above are gathered in Edifier Acoustic Lab. * The red waveform is the original sound before compression and edition;20Hz-20KHz is the Hi-Res frequency response range. * To enjoy Hi-Res lossless sound, 3.5mm audio cable is required,and make sure that your terminal device supports the Hi-Res standard.

H+ Special Tuned Effects for Sound Positioning

By working with PixArt mobile game chip institute, H+ game sound effects are specially tuned for gamers. Footsteps, gunshots, and skill casting are enhanced to better locate enemies.

Dual-MIC ENC No Noise Only Voice

Dual MIC array to accurately pick up voice from talkers, and ensure the clear target voice in the main direction. Effectively resist 90% environmental noise. With the fully-enveloped earmuffs and retractable MIC stem, a smooth chat in game is guaranteed.

40H Battery Life No Worry About Power

800mAh power supply, up to 40H battery life with lights off and 17H with lights on. Have fun indoors or outdoors. No need to charge frequently.

Zero Pressure Fitness Portable and Convenient

The headset cavity and the beam are separate in design. The suspension cavity is slightly adjustable, eliminating the discomfort resulting from different head shapes. 3D-cutting earmuffs, zero pressure space memory foam, for comfortable daily wear.

Cyber RGB Lighting Effects Light of faith, power of passion

In the design language of supercar LCD dial, the exquisite gradient RGB breathing light in dark, matched with the silicone buttons, it’s like the neon light to the steel city of belief, inspiring you to gear up and uphold justice for the Cyber City.

Wireless/Wired Cross-Platform Compatibility

The 3.5mm audio cable allows gamers to experience HI-Res lossless sound quality. Compatible with PC, PS4, mobile phone and other ports. Available to play even without power. Wired or not, it’s the same excellence.


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