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Baseus Sharp-Bird Description:

When it comes to mobile gaming, we strive to offer you the very best accessories that are equal parts practical and beautiful. We offer such a wide range of mobile gaming cables and accessories because we understand that everyone has different preferences, tastes and styles. We endeavour where we can, to cater to them all.

This particular cable is our Sharp-Bird.

It is designed with the gamer in mind, bearing a 90-degree elbow design that reduces hand interference during gameplay, or even during general use when charging your device at the same time. But that not all. In designing this cable we wanted to cover every detail, to such an extent that even the ergonomically designed connector has been moulded to perfectly fit the curves of your finger, ensuring absolute comfort during use. In addition, it features a softly lit charging status light which adds not only a layer of ambience to your gameplay/charging but also lets you know charging status without exiting your game or application.

The cable of course functions exactly as a normal cable, with simultaneous charging (2.4A for 1M versions, 1.5A for 2M versions) and data transmission (480Mbps).

Additional features:

  • Embedded design to prevent damage caused by twisting
  • Zinc Alloy and concave design for hand comfort, rust-proof.
  • The core features 162 tin-plated copper wires for reduced loss and more stable charging/transmission
  • High-Density Woven nylon wire resistant to wear and stretching
  • Available in 3 different lengths for different applications (1 metre 2.4A, 2 metre 1.5A, 3 meter 1.5A)
  • Suitable for iP devices




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